5 misconceptions about travelling to Africa


Africa has been on my bucket list for ages, but I always seem to find an excuse not to go. It’s too hard to get to! It’s dangerous! Etc etc. Fortunately for me (and you), I have the Africa-savvy Erin from The Hiatus Collective to share with you her tips and dispel all those misconceptions! […]

ANZAC Biscuit Lemon Cheesecakes


This Saturday, April 25th, is ANZAC Day and in addition to commemorating our fallen soldiers, we bake and eat ANZAC biscuits. This famous biscuit featuring rolled oats, coconut and golden syrup was baked by anxious wives and mothers during World War I and sent to the Australian soldiers in the trenches. I love ANZAC biscuits […]

Dark Tourism: Challenging but important places to visit


For me, travel isn’t just about relaxation and comfort. It’s about learning, challenging yourself and discovering more about the world we live in. It’s easy to gloss over a country’s tragic past by sipping $5 cocktails at the hotel pool, but I think it’s important we visit these historical sites to learn from our past. […]

Super Easy Mini Salted Caramel Tarts


Recently I needed to make a dessert at the last minute, and stumbled around the grocery store for inspiration. I ended up whipping up these super easy and delicious mini Salted Caramel Tarts in under 30 minutes (including setting time) and no one actually knew I used store-bought ingredients! You can make this recipe as budget-friendly […]