Nov 18, 2010

Marian Bantjes

I recently read an interview on graphic designer Marian Bantjes in an old Eye Magazine and fell in love with her work, particularly her typography. Her seduction poster for the Yale Architecture Lecture series was the sexiest piece of typography I had seen in a long time and I spent a good deal of time gazing at it admiringly.

Image source

But it was to my great dismay when I discovered it appears P Diddy’s clothing line has blatantly ripped off her design.

Image source

Come on Diddy, I don’t expect much from you but this is an all time low. To check out more of Marian’s fabulous design work go to


  • When I first read this I assumed he must have made some deal with her – it’s so close. But no, straight rip off. Love to find out more about copyright ect. It seems to be a massive grey area for us.

    Fantastic type though.

    • Yeh I assumed it was a “collab” (hehe) at first until I read an article from her which clearly stated this was stolen. It’s shameless! And you’re right, such a grey area for us. I am sure we will have to deal with this numerous times down the track (and in fact it has happened to us more than once just in school assignments)

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