Nov 4, 2010

When cooking and design combine

I am always very happy when 2 of my great loves combine, and design and cooking are a match made in heaven when Pantone is involved!

I am sure you are all aware of the Pantone mugs that seems to be a permanent fixture on any many designer’s desks (we need coffee and lots of it). I am lusting after the duck egg blue mug.

Image from Henry Tibbs

But did you know you can have your own set of Pantone kitchen scales?!

Image from Domayne

Or your own Pantone peppermill?

Image from Pantone

I’m sure you can buy all these goodies on your new Pantone Visa card…

Ok I’m ending my Pantone frenzy before I spend far too much money…

Do you have anything from the Pantone accessories collection?

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