Where am I off to next?


Since this blog focuses heavily on travel I thought I would share my upcoming travel plans. I leave early December and am taking a 5 week trip. I have been saving my butt off for well over a year! (So much harder now than I am a student again).

First stop Tokyo! I am spending 8 nights here all up, there is so much to do. I am also taking day trips to Mount Fuji and Nikko.

Image source

Then on to Osaka where I plan to eat eat eat.

Image source

In Kyoto I want to experience the more historical and cultural side of Japan. I also hope to make a side trip to Nara to see the deers and temples.

Image source

Next it Takayama, located in the Japanese Alps and I can’t wait to explore the old town and soak in onsens with magnificent views.

The onsen located at the hotel I am staying at in Takayama. Source

Then on to Munich! Now this is my third trip to Munich but I am yet to experience the Christmas markets (such a novelty for an Australian. Snow! Mulled wine!) and also want to take a sidetrip to my lifelong love Neuschwanstein Castle.

Image source

I’ve been to Prague before but it was in Summer, super hot and overcrowded with tourists. I swore to myself I would return in winter.

Image source

I will be spending Christmas in London

Image source

Followed by a quick trip BACK to Germany. I know it’s not the most logical of routes but there is a conference to attend in Berlin.

Image source

Then I will be spending New Years Eve in Paris, ooh la la!

Image source

And a few days in Rome.

Image source

And finally a few days in Hong Kong on the way home!

Image source

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am, and this trip will provide a lot of new travel material for my blog as well!

I hope I have motivated you to start planning your OWN adventure or at least start saving for one!

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  1. Casey says

    Swah i wish i was going with you, it sounds brilliant! As much as i hate the cold i would love to see those countries covered in snow, i imagine it to be magical.

    • Swah says

      I think the snow will be magical but I must admit I can only take so much cold…. Next trip let’s go in Spring or Autumn! :)

  2. says

    Wow!!! What an itinerary!! Where are you now? I myself took a quicjk trip back to Tokyo for the Jan 2 sales…and bought a LOT of clothes. Look forward to your travel posts about your trip :)

    • Swah says

      I just got home and am already fantasising about where to go next!
      God I loved Japan so so much, I really must go back there soon. Currently working on lots of travel posts so stay tuned :)

  3. says

    OMG! I’m so glad to find your blog. I love reading travel blogs with a mix of other stuff and I found everything I love all in one place. Gosh! you’re going to have an amazing time. I have traveled a lot during my life because of my dads job. But it’s like a dream. I lived in Tokyo for 3 years and reading you post makes me want to go back so much. You definitely motivate me to save for some traveling now :)

    • Swah says

      I am so glad to hear I’ve motivated you to travel Matin, and I am extremely jealous of your time living in Tokyo – what a wonderful experience! :)

  4. says

    Oh I just realized you’re a graphic designer from Sydney! I’m a Graphic design student too and I lived in Canberra in my childhood years!

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