Dec 9, 2010

Baking wishlist

Baking is becoming more fashionable and so are its accessories! Here are some baking-related items I am currently lusting after.

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I have been lusting over this KitchenAid mixer for a while now. As a student with a serious travel habit, I don’t often have much spare cash lying around. This baby is RRP$795 so I think it’s going to be a long and slow process before I acquire her… but one day!

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A much more affordable baking item are these gorgeous Babushka doll measuring cups by Fred. Yes I already have measuring cups BUT THEY AREN’T IN DOLL FORM.

Image source

Fred also makes matching Matrryoshka measuring spoons!

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Two of my favourite things in the world are tea and cupcakes, now they have joined forces to make yet another amazing baking accessory by Fred. I LOVE FRED.

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Cupcake wrappers come in all shapes, sizes and colours these days. I love this filigree one (I used some for engagement cupcakes I made, pics soon). As a graphic designer with an obsession for laser cutting, don’t be surprised if you see me making some of these in the near future.

P.S I am currently in Japan so I don’t have much internet time to update at the moment, sorry peeps! I will try and upload some pics soon :)


  • I love beautiful and practical kitchen accessories! Kitchen Aid have the market cornered in my opinion as do Le Creuset, the colours are superb! Hope you are having an fantastic time on holiday!

    • I want to obtain these in the hopes of one day having the world’s most practical and beautiful kitchen. One day! I am in fact now home after the best trip and trying to ignore the post-trip blues :)

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