Jan 24, 2011

Cooking Shows

I love cooking shows. In fact it’s all I watch on television these days and I learn so much! Here are my favourites that I highly recommend you check out for visual pleasure, recipe inspiration and awesome tips!

Rachel Allen Bake


I adore Rachel Allen- her passion for baking, soft Irish accent and shiny enthusiasm makes me wish I was her best friend. I have made several of her recipes (all delicious) and she is constantly providing helpful tips throughout the show. She regularly visits bakeries and patisseries to meet the masters, as well as lets us into her cooking school.

Nigella Lawson (all of her shows!)


I must admit I look up to Nigella like some kind of god. Well, goddess – a domestic goddess! Whilst her shows don’t just focus on baking, she nearly always has at least one delicious dessert per episode. And it’s almost always decadently sinful and involves her seductively licking a wooden spoon. I love Nigella’s unpretentious attitude towards food, she is not ashamed to take short cuts and provides helpful tips with her easy to follow recipes.

Anna Olson Sugar


Whilst this show can seem a little dated and dare I say “daggy”, Anna Olson is an amazing pastry chef and knows her stuff! I have made several of her recipes which all turned out beautifully and I have learnt so much from her. Each episode she provides a simple weekday recipe (like a slice or scones) and then a fancier dessert (like something for a dinner party) so it suits all skill levels. She also does a “switch up” where she takes the simple weekday recipe and makes a few alterations to make it a more gourmet dessert.

Giada De Laurentiis – Everyday Italian and Giada at Home


I love both Giada’s shows which have given me a better understanding of Italian food and most importantly Italian desserts! Whilst Giada’s recipes aren’t strictly authentic Italian, they are delicious and easy to make and often feature my favourite NUTELLA. Her giant smile and breasts can be a little distracting but she is always fun to watch. (and super! enthusiastic!)

Notable mentions:

♥ Ace of Cakes – Whilst this show doesn’t give you any cake making tips (boooo) I love watching Duff and his hilarious staff making the most amazing cake creations you will ever see. It makes me wanna throw away this whole graphic design business and become a cake maker!

♥ Huey’s Cooking Adventures – He is an overweight, moustached, suspender wearing Kiwi who often stuffs up on TV and I LOVE HIM. Whilst he doesn’t make a lot of desserts, I pick up loads of tips for cooking normal everyday food.

♥ Barefoot Contessa – I know Liz Lemon from 30 Rock wants to be just like her. Whilst her beloved rich husband Jefferey jets around the world on business trips, Ina stays at home in her fabulous Hamptons mansion cooking food for her fabulous gay friends. Everyone is fabulous on this show and I am addicted.

What’s your favourite cooking show?

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