Feb 1, 2011

Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes!

I just realised I never showed you pictures of the cupcakes I made for a dear friend’s engagement party. I made in excess of 100 cupcakes over a few days and for a while there never wanted to see one again! But the cupcakes were an overwhelming success and I look forward to catering to another party in a few weeks.

The colour scheme of the engagement party was blue and purple so I wanted to make cupcakes that complemented this theme. The top row are vanilla cupcakes with blue icing, the middle row are lemon cupcakes and the bottom row are purple velvet cupcakes (my take on red velvet!) with cream cheese frosting. The bride-to-be selected the gorgeous cupcake wrappers herself from Cakes Around Town.

I was thrilled my cupcakes were such a success, with random children and adults approaching me throughout the party to tell me how delicious they were, aw :)

One of my fans ;)

And before you ask, yes I will be sharing all these recipes and more pictures with you in weeks to come!


  • [...] promised last week that I would share the recipes of my engagement party cupcakes and first off is my vanilla cupcakes [...]

  • Am addicted to making birthday cakes and cupcakes foe my friends and family. Thanks for a very helpful site – would you be interested to take a look at my blog?

    • Hi Katia I love your cake blog, delicious! :)

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