Apr 1, 2011

Sweet Treats Around the World

I thought today I would give you an insight into some of the sweet delights I sampled on my recent trip to Japan and Europe!

First stop, Japan. I never realised how crazy the Japanese were for desserts. But cake stores and crepe bars are everywhere!

A decadent cake display in Tokyo

Mmmm Sweetbox! All the crepe flavours you could possibly imagine!

This is my “OMG crepe!” face

Our haul of delicious Japanese lollies. We snacked on these constantly.

I pretty much lived on Pocky. And we were always finding new flavours everywhere we went!

An amazing creme brulee I sampled in Kyoto (don’t worry I ate it lots in Paris too!)

We found 99% Lindt in a store in Tokyo. It tasted TERRIBLE.

Next stop on my sweets tour was Munich, Germany

Amazing gingerbread at the Christmas markets. I ate so much of this. It says “I Love You”, not “I Love Dick” as I originally thought hehe

And on to Prague, which is not really known for its great cuisine…. (unless you LOVE meat and dumplings)

But they do make a good pancake! This huge stack of pancakes came with bacon, fried eggs, sausage, a bagel and shot glass of maple syrup. All up it only cost AUD$9.50!

And finally I bring you Paris, the heart and home of the patisserie. This was the most beautiful shop window I had ever seen!

Bell jars, tea pots, macarons, glitter… could a girl ask for more!?

Beautiful sugar work that looks like crystals

And the most perfect macaron I have ever seen


  • Aw is that one of the crepe places in Harajuku? I love Tokyo crepes! x

    • Yep that’s the one! They were delicious :)

      • wooWW that macaron is perfect! and the sugar work is just amazing xxx OH Paris

        • That window display is perfection isn’t it? Oh Paris, you have stolen my heart x

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