Aug 11, 2011

Purikura – Japanese Photobooths

One of the (many) things I loved about Japan was the “Purikura” or photo sticker booths that were everywhere! They cost 400 YEN (around AUD$5) and are so so much fun. They enlarge your eyes, smooth your skin, let you add makeup as well as random accessories like bows and hearts. I successfully dragged my boyfriend into 3 Purikuras whilst in Japan (and then 1 more time back in Sydney for good measure).

The advertising for the photo booths involve heavily made-up and Photoshopped girls and are usually marketed at either groups of friends or couples.

Our first photo booth we experienced (that’s right, it’s an “experience”) was love themed.

The computer advised us on what poses to strike and then let us add tasteful decorations at the end such as “Best Couple”, hearts and squiggles.

Oh the corniness and creepiness is simply wonderful!

Occasionally the computer shouts at you in Japanese and you have no idea what’s going on – thus this awkward and confused photo.

The next time we went to a Purikura, it was my birthday! Naturally a birthday themed photo shoot was chosen.

We added birthday paraphernalia and cat faces cause I freakin’ love cats. Party tonight!!!!

This particular photo captures the sheer delight we were experiencing.

Followed by a moment of calmness and self reflection. And bows.

Our third trip to the Purikura was the trippiest yet – it featured sheep and hatching chickens. But we LOST. THEM. Fortunately we had a few snaps of the actual computer screen.

Chin shelf yeh.

Sheep! In hats! What!?

Before we finally got to be hatching chickens. My life is now complete.

Naturally, upon returning to Sydney I went in search of more Purikura. I was hooked. We found some near Chinatown in Sydney – they are 2-3 times the price and don’t seem to doll you up as much but still are a fun time!

We went to town on the sparkles, blush and hair accessories.

And then had a fight whilst wearing fake glasses.

I hope I have sufficiently amused and/or traumatised you on this Thursday afternoon. For more whacky things to do in Japan check out my post on Cat Cafes.


  • Purikura is Available in Sydney?

    • Yes at Capitol Square in the city/Chinatown area :)

  • The big eyes are somehow creepy lol, but this looks like a fun thing to do… there must be a reason why it’s so popular among the japanese! :)

    • So creepy but also kinda cool at the same time don’t you think? :) Very kawaii! (cute)

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