Aug 4, 2011

Travel Guides

Hi everyone!

Over the past few months I have been writing travel guides based on my own personal journeys and research around the world. They are focused on the female demographic aged 18-40 but anyone can enjoy them. They feature my own photography and include a selection of hotels in each city with budget, mid-range and high-end options, sightseeing (and tourist traps to avoid), shopping, transport and most importantly EATING (each guide has a specific sweets section of course!) I so far have written guides on New York, Melbourne and San Francisco. I am planning on writing my next 3 guides soon but wanted YOUR input on what cities I should focus on next.

These guides will soon be printed and for sale on my blog – there will also be a cheaper downloadable PDF option available too.


  • Have you been to all these places Swah?????

    • Sure have! Most of them several times :)

  • Montreal!! That’s my hood! <3

    • I love Montreal! :)

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