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October 2011

  • Design

    Photographing my work

    Last week a friend and I hired a professional photographer to shoot images for our graduation portfolios – and boy what a difference does a pro make! I actually squealed “oh my…

  • Inspiration, Travel

    My favourite place

    Asking a travel fanatic where is their favourite place in the world is a bit of a tricky question – but if I had to answer, then I would say Jökulsárlón. Jökulsárlón…

  • Cupcakes, Food, Recipes

    White Chocolate Cupcakes

    These white chocolate cupcakes are a delicious and elegant treat. The white chocolate icing is paired with a vanilla cupcake base, however you can get creative and add raspberries to your cupcake…

  • Inspiration

    Norwegian Wood

    My heart is still aching a little after this weekend’s viewing of the film adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s bestselling novel Norwegian Wood. It is an amazing book by an amazing author, and…

  • Design

    Letterpress obsession

    Like a lot of graphic designers, I too have fallen under the spell of letterpress. Not only are letterpressed products so beautiful, elegant and timeless, but I just love the idea of…