Dec 31, 2011

2011 – In brief review

2011, oh what a crazy year! So many amazing and new things happened, there were highs and there were lows and I was the busiest I have ever been in my life.

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♥ Woke up New Years Day 2011 in an amazing apartment in the 1st arrondissement in Paris

♥ Thought I was going to die with pneumonia and was bed ridden for over a month and then continually sick for months after (not fun)

♥ My design skills improved dramatically and I started producing work I was genuinely happy and proud of

♥ Made some new amazing friends (from TAFE) and reunited with lost friends (from high school)

♥ Graduated from my graphic design and communication course with great marks

♥ Broke up with a long term love (…an example of when the heart shaped bullet point is not appropriate)

♥ Completed my first City2Surf despite my pneumonia-ruined lungs. Tough but rewarding. Going to try and run the full length next year!

♥ Got headhunted for an amazing job which I start next week (!!)

♥ My blog has gone from strength to strength and my readership is steadily growing. So proud of my baby – all that hard work is paying off!

♥ Moving into an awesome apartment in the inner city with an awesome friend

This NYE I will be enjoying some champagne with my girlfriends and partying on to the wee hours. Sure it may not be Paris, but I KNOW it’s going to be a fun night.

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So 2012 is going to be very new and different for me. A new job, a new house, a new single life…. and possibly some plans to spend NYE 2012 in New York. HELL YES!

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