Mar 22, 2012

A colourful home

A lovely friend recently introduced me to the credit-card draining website Beautiful Spaces. A lot of ooohing and aaaahing soon commenced and I honestly don’t know where to start! So many colourful objects to brighten up your home. Should I buy the Pantone pots for my blossoming herb garden? The delicate bird shaped sugar cubes for my tea? Or the coloured sugar for my baking decorations?

This coloured sugar will surely brighten up the dreariest of afternoons – a spoonful of fushia sugar stirred through your tea or sprinkled on a vanilla cupcake.

These sugar hearts are almost too cute to use! But would be perfect for a special occasion like a high tea or engagement party.

And still on the topic of sugar we have these stunning bird, Eiffel Tower and cherry shaped sugar cubes. And some even hang off the edge of your teacup! Cuteness overload!

Continuing my love for all things Pantone - there are now Pantone pots! I need a rainbow of pots for my herb garden on my balcony that’s for sure.

And beautiful Solifleur vases

And finally we have Pantone breakfast sets and dinner sets. Meal time has never looked so fabulous!





  • OOh I’m so glad you did a post on this. I am CONSTANTLY looking at this website, it is so addictive! So far, I just want one of everything…is that too much? Can’t wait for you to come visit Gulgong- it’ll be full of pantone colour by then! xx

    • Thank you for introducing me to this site, you have fine taste my lady!
      I can’t wait to see your Gulgong house in all its Pantone glory. I had dinner with Luce the other night and we were talking about coming to visit you – can’t wait!! :)

  • The little birdy sugar cube is the sweetest thing!

    • I know! And I love how it perches on the edge of your teacup. Too cute :)

  • Oooo, I probably should’nt have clicked on the link to the website with all the pretty things! Ooops. Keen to hear more about your herb garden – I want to start a balcony garden too…just not sure where to start.

    • Weeelllll the herb garden isn’t looking too good right now. I couldn’t figure out why they kept looking droopy and sad until my gardening-savvy friend advised me you have to water herbs every day. OOPS! Haha. So we have started daily waterings and I think they will perk up soon :)

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