Delicious Desserts

My apartment is still in shambles – boxes everywhere, IKEA furniture semi-assembled, clothes stuffed in garbage bags…. And I can’t find my cupcake baking trays. Disaster! So as I can’t currently bake (and I am going a little stir crazy from baking withdrawls) I will have to satisfy my dessert obsession by looking at delightful baking images online (thank god for Pinterest).
♥ I want to get better at piping roses (good thing I am enrolled in a cupcake decorating course!)

Source: via Swah on Pinterest


♥ Loving these gorgeous heart shaped cookies. Great gift idea for a birthday or engagement.

Source: via Swah on Pinterest


♥ I need to make more desserts in jars! Looks sweet and is easily transportable. Win win :)

Source: via Swah on Pinterest


♥ I must try and make a white chocolate cheesecake that hopefully looks half as good as this divine specimen




♥ Stunning layers of different shades of pink cake. Also loving the bunting decoration.


♥ Beautifully made and styled dessert table. I would be more than happy to have this at my next party!

Source: via Swah on Pinterest


♥ Cupcakes baked in ice-cream cones – genius!


♥ And finally, quite possibly the most beautifully piped cookies I have ever seen.


I am inspired and armed with a whole load of new recipes and techniques to test out. Keep an eye out for my results once the kitchen is officially up and running again!


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