Mar 20, 2012

Milk Bar Memories @ Ms G’s

It was a walk down memory lane on Saturday 17th March for a one-off special event as part of March into Merivale.  Held at Ms G’s,  chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu took the nostalgic concept of the humble milk bar and created delicious and unique dishes.

Yuzu slushee (left), Green Iced Tea and Good Morning Vietnam cocktails (right)

Despite it being barely noon and nursing a wee hangover, cocktails were ordered! Our set menu included Ms G’s Famous Yuzu Slushee (normally $14). It contained Limoncello, Russian Standard vodka, yuzu juice and Regan’s orange bitters. Intensely citrusy and fresh, these cocktails were downed quickly by my friends and I and we soon were ordering more! Our next cocktail orders included Green Iced Tea which was un-freaking-believable and contained Zubrowka vodka, Cloud & Mist tea, grapefruit bitters, green apple and mint. I could drink this forever. The girls both ordered Good Morning Vietnam which featured Shochu, raspberries, lime, palm sugar, Vietnamese mint and soda. A little too sweet for my personal tastes but delicious nonetheless.

Potato scallop and kransky, tomato vinaigrette

Our first course arrives as an homage to the humble potato scallop. This version features raw scallops covered in crumbled potato chips, slices of delicious kransky sausage and dressed with a tomato vinaigrette. I am not a fan of seafood (the texture, the smell, oh god) but I am making an effort to be adventurous and gave it a try. It was surprisingly tasty :)

Chiko roll and chicken dim sim

The chiko roll and dim sim were definitely a step up in quality from the usual milk bar fare! Tasty and comforting, they both hit the spot.

Chip-crusted prawns

Uh-oh more seafood! These prawns were butterflied and covered with crushed Burger Rings, nacho cheese Doritos and chicken Twisties - genius!  I nibbled each one but of course the seafood aversion crept up on me again.

Mini Aussie burgers with home-made fries

The burger was a winner with all of us – a delicious meat patty topped with onion, tomato, lettuce, the quintessentially Aussie beetroot, plus bacon and a fried quail’s egg on a buttery brioche bun. The twice-cooked home-made fries were divine and I was glad they arrived in a small cup otherwise I would have made myself sick!

Monaco Bar x Golden Gaytime

Saving the best for last… dessert of course! This Monaco Bar x Golden Gaytime was AMAZING. It featured vanilla bean and toffee ice cream and drizzles of caramel sauce sandwiched between 2 layers of chocolate brownie, finished off with a generous sprinkle of biscuit crumbs. This dish elicited moans around the table and we had to stop ourselves from licking our plates. A decadent finish to an amazing meal.


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