May 30, 2012

Ladurée is opening in Sydney in July

The squeals of delight from every foodie and fashionista could be heard echoing around the realms of Twitter when it was recently announced that iconic French patisserie Ladurée would finally be opening a store in Sydney in July! With stores throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, it was only a matter of time before this sweet brand would set up shop on Australian shores and start dishing out their delicious pastel treats.

Word on the street is that Ladurée will be opening their first store at Westfield Sydney. I’m predicting flashbacks to the manic Zara store opening – except these impatient queuers will be in need of a sugar fix! Terrifying.

In other Ladurée related gossip, I posted last month about the Hello Kitty x Ladurée collaboration and the new Ladurée makeup line. And to satisfy your macaron obsession for now, why don’t you go make some macarons with strawberry and white chocolate ganache?


  • Oooh this is exciting! Can’t wait to check it out.

    • I’m so excited!! :)

  • I will admit I thought I was over my Macaron obsession but this news has jumpstarted it again. That one you have pictured with Raspberries in the middle has been the one image haunting me. I have been dreaming about it. I am so sad (… that I have to wait to july).

    • I think the macaron trend was definitely waning, but the launch of Laduree should definitely ignite it again :) Now we just have to patiently wait until July…. hmmf!

  • Oh my goodness, this is amazing! I’ve been waiting for this for ever!
    I read somewhere that the macarons would be shipped from Switzerland… It’s a pity that they are not made locally! Thanks for sharing this exciting news!

    • Oh what a shame if they are being shipped over from Switzerland!! I would have hoped they would bake locally. Fingers crossed it’s just a rumour!

  • Wow! Yay,yay,yay soooo exited

  • I’ve heard that the Laduree shop will be located somewhere in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall. Does anyone know whether it has actually opened yet?

    • Hi I walked past the Laduree site last week, it still hasn’t opened. It’s located in the middle of the floor in the Westfield shopping centre on Pitt St – not much ambience that’s for sure! Here is a photo I took of the building site

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