Jun 1, 2012

iPhone cases

My beloved mint green encased iPhone has been possessed lately. It’s been ringing random people from my contacts list at all times of the day and night (including multiple calls to the UK) and driving me a little crazy (and confused).

After speaking to a girl with the same cover I discovered her phone was also randomly dialling people. It turns out the big novelty grey button is easily pressed when in my handbag and voice control is activated, which then decides to phone my friends in the middle of the night and they sit and listen to me discussing tacos with someone. So now I am in the market for a new iPhone case! After some internet browsing I have settled on 8 designs.

Iconemesis teams up with various artists to produce gorgeously designed iPhone cases – it was so hard narrowing it down to just 4! Clockwise from top left we have:

♥ Cupcake by Fifi Lapin

♥ Lolly by Pete Harrison

♥ Teacup by Fifi Lapin

♥ Feathers by Cat Sims

And ofcourse the wonderful Kate Spade has numerous brightly coloured and patterened cases to choose from!

♥ Graffiti Spade

♥ Le Pavillion

♥ Diagonal Stripe (they didn’t even try with that name, did they?)

♥ All in a Day’s Work

Which one do you think guys? I am leaning towards the Fifi Lapin teacup case. I love the muted colour palette!


  • The teacup case is caaauuuuute!!

    • I know!! I think I may have to treat myself to it :)

  • the Graffiti Spade is nice..

  • Could you pleease tell me where you got that case I’ve been looking for it EVERYWHERE!!! Is it possible you could sell it to me?? My email is fatimabadar1@gmail.com

    • Just emailed you Tima, good luck! :)

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