Jun 14, 2012

Lately on Instagram…

After perusing my Instagram photos for my regular “Lately on Instagram” post I didn’t realise how much I had been eating out. So that’s where my money is going!

 Finally made it to Gnome Espresso & Winebar

After reading about the infamous Super Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Chocolatesuze’s blog, I dragged my housemate out on a rainy Saturday morning in search of this wonder (we were meant to go running, oh well). Cheddar,  gruyere, buffalo mozzarella AND prosciutto. Oh wow – heaven. This sandwich is one of those “once a year” kind of things. The coffee was great too, but overshadowed by the decadence of cheese!

 I also made it to The Baron! 

I have been reading rave reviews from Suze  and Mel about The Baron in Castle Hill. My parents live in the Hills so I conned them into driving me there (also with the promise of stimulating conversation). On the left we have the pulled pork sandwich with cabbage slaw and on the right we have the jamon, washed rind cheese, aioli, sundried tomatoes & pickles sandwich. Both were amazing! We also devoured homemade caramel slice and carrot cake – both absolutely divine. The blonde waitress was also super friendly so this place gets many thumbs up.

 More eating, Italian style

The housemate and I engaged in several lady dates featuring Italian food and fantasising about the Amalfi Coast as we stared at the never-ending rain. On the left is the amazing breakfast by Caffe Sicilia (it’s mean to come with eggs but I got spinach instead. I’m weird). And on the right are 2 delicious pizzas from Pizza e Birra.  Bellissimo!


Sat front row at a comedy show and had a great time, although was continually heckled by the MC haha. And on the right this cat mugshot just made me laugh way.too.much.

 Random presents and cupcakes

Nothing perks you up like coming home to presents! I also tested a new recipe – chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream. Recipe to come soon!

 Exercise and sickness

To combat all this eating I started my training for the City2Surf. I was going really well until I got sick. And now I am in bed humpffff.



  • Sore throat is sore. Eddie is fetching me laksa. I have watched 2 movies!

    • Oh god I would love some laksa from Happy Chef right now!!

  • Yay that you finally visited The Baron…a great cafe.

    • I love it! Will definitely go back next time I am in the hills area :)

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