Jul 24, 2012

Eat your own chocolate Instagram photos!

You know how much I love chocolate and how much I love Instagram, well now Cocoagraph offers a service where they convert your favourite Instagram photos into edible milk, white, dark or organic dark chocolate bars!


Cocoagraph’s promo video

Rae Vittorelli - founder of Cocoagraph, and an example of a chocolate photo.

More chocolate photos!

So for a unique and personalised present, head on down to Cocoagraph! What would you want to eat – a photo of your cat, a pretty sunset, your ex’s head? The mind boggles ;)


  • This is GENIUS! You could give people choc presies of yummy food snaps!! Very clever ;)

    • Such a crazy awesome idea isn’t it! Definitely a great idea for presents :)

  • Ummm… that is insane! It’s actually a brilliant idea. Would be such a great personalised gift.

    • I know Sarah Kate! I am keeping this in mind for Christmas pressies :)

  • OMG! Are you serious?! This is amazing. Thanks for the tip…ordering now!

    • I think I might place an order now too Amanda, not only for the novelty value but I’m curious to taste the quality of the chocolate!!

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