Dear Internet, please help me find nice cushions

Hello Internet! I was wondering if I could have some help. My housemate and I purchased a lovely couch recently, it’s name is Frenchie (Freedom named it, not us).

I love it’s retro design and beautiful dark grey colour. However it is looking a little lonely in our living room without some fabulous cushions to brighten it up. I have been cushion-hunting for over a month now and everything is either too blergh or too pricey! All I want is some brightly coloured cushions in bold patterns, I am thinking mustard or teal in stripes, chevron or polka dots.

I would prefer to keep my money in Australia but am am open to online abroad, and ideally want to get 2-3 pillows for under $150. I have been eyeing off these gorgeous Swedish cushions however even the cheapest cushion is over $100AUD! I have trawled various Domayne and Freedom type shops at the Supa Centa (yes, that’s how it is spelt) and checked out the stores along Crown St with no luck (too pricey once again).

If you have any suggestions I would be more than grateful. If all else fails I might design my own fabric at Spoonflower and sew them myself!


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    Super cute couch! I was having the exact same problem the other day – and find that pretty cushions are quite expensive! I know its probably a bit naff but have you tried Target? I found some really adorable blue and white zig zag striped cushions for my couches at home for only $8 each. So happy with them!

    • Swah says

      Pretty cushions are SO expensive. I am all for supporting emerging designers but I can’t afford $100+/cushion!

      I haven’t tried Target, I always find bargains there! Will check on the weekend, thank you :)

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        I’m the same!! I love pretty things but I have a budget! Plus I just can’t get the fact that all it is, is pretty fabric stuffed with that super cheap fluffy stuff you get from Spotlight.. Good luck! Hope you find something nice!

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    Hello Swah!
    You’ve probably got this sorted but somehow I just saw this post! I have bought a couple from IKEA before which are still going strong – silk covers and all for $25. I would also check out Urban Outfitters, they usually have some for around US$25 and they’re pretty cute, they have a chevron one at the moment I think all my others are from Freedom – but if I had my time again I wouldn’t have spent as much as I did on them, considering they’re not amazing. Sometimes its best just to get some cute fabric and spend an afternoon at the machine making them :) Good luck x
    PS: Love the couch! My cousin bought that one and I’m dying to see it in real life – its so cute!

    • Swah says

      Can you believe I still do not have cushions! I am loving those Urban Outfitter chevron cushions, and have spied a few amazing ones on Etsy. However I agree, I think often the best idea is to buy some lovely fabric and make them yourself!!

    • Swah says

      I love those Escape to Paradise cushions, if I could get them on sale I would be beyond happy! I have signed up to Temple and Webster and am on their waiting list, fingers crossed I get accepted soon!

  3. Lauren Wiechert says

    Sorry to interrupt this conversation, but was also very interested in purchasing this sofa Swah, and was wondering how it’s held up since this post???

    • Swah says

      Hey Lauren, the couch is holding up very well. I found it slid around a bit on my wooden floor whenever I sat down but that has been rectified by adding little sticky felt circles to the bottom of each couch leg and now it’s perfect :)

  4. Rachel says

    Hi! I’m just wondering how the couch is holding up almost a year later? I just saw one at freedom in yellow and they told me it was the last one in stock, so I decided to have a looksee on google which is how I found this post! I’m quite smitten with it but, my dad is trying to advise me to buy something sturdier not just because it’s “too cute!”, lol. Still happy with it?
    Btw, your couch may have brought me here, but your baked goods will keep me coming back!

    • Swah says

      Hi Rachel,
      The couch is still holding up very well after a year! I would definitely purchase the yellow one if I were you :) And I am glad the baked goods have kept your interest!

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