Aug 24, 2012

Next stop, Vietnam!

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I am usually a fairly sensible person. Well, sometimes at least. When I book a trip it’s usually months (often a year) in advance and I research and plan everything to the nth degree because I am a control freak. On Wednesday morning I was chatting with the girls at work about their travel plans this year. I thought “I’d really love to see Vietnam”. After a bit of quick Googling it turned out April and October were the best months to travel, weather-wise. I mulled this idea over in my head and went home. Whilst casually browsing the Qantas website at home before my dinner date to see what I could do with my abundant Frequent Flyer points, the sensible part in my brain snapped and I booked flights. Just like that. And I leave in a month. Wonderful!

Vietnam ticked all the boxes of the perfect travel destination – I wanted to see somewhere new, I needed something affordable and I wanted the destination to be under 9 hours from Australia as I only have 2 1/2 weeks annual leave. Plus I am fascinated by the breathtaking natural sights, the culture and most of all THE FOOD.

So please, dear internet, give me your Vietnam suggestions! I don’t have the time to research this country as thoroughly as I’d like before I leave so please share with me your favourite experiences, foods, sights and any dos or don’ts. I also have a few nights at the end of my trip in Hong Kong so any additional suggestions will be more than welcome!

Where are you off to next?


  • Oh you lucky duck! How exciting, you’ll have a fabulous time. Vietnam is on my list so I’d love to hear what you end up doing, hopefully I get there soon too

    • I’m so excited! I will be compiling all my research and tips on Vietnam into a travel zine when I get back with my photographs, so stay tuned x

  • I love Vietnam! Favourite Place would be Hoi An- best food, shopping and people!

    • Thanks Flick! I will definitely make sure to go to Hoi An – cannot wait!!

  • Yay! I love love love Vietnam. We spent three months there earlier this year. Check out our travel blog ( and old posts on my blog from March and April of this year ( If you have any specific questions, just let me know!

    • Ooo thank you SK! I have trawled through many pages of your Vietnam posts and love the writing and photos. Getting very excited!!

  • I am a totally stress-head control freak myself, yet tend to book holidays on a whim…I think if I don’t book it ASAP I’ll miss out (like the plane will be full within 20 seconds of myself deciding to go somewhere). Check out A Table for Two’s Blog; as well as Phuoc’n Delicious, He Needs Food and Street Food – I’m pretty sure they’ve all been to Vietnam and blogged about it.

    • Ahaha oh Mel you are hilarious!! Thank you for those blog suggestions, I have bookmarked them all and will trawl them on the weekend. Yay!

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