Aug 3, 2012

Pinterest Baking Inspiration

Pinterest has always been a huge source for inspiration of design and interior ideas, and lately I been discovering awesome baking ideas including glow in the dark cupcakes (omg) and piñata cupcakes (genius).

These Glow in the Dark Cupcakes by Recipe Snobs are brilliant. They are achieved by incorporating tonic water into the icing. The quinine in the tonic water causes it to glow under a black light which is a great idea for a kids party or Halloween festivities.

These Piñata Cupcakes by La Receta de la Felicidad are a great interactive way to make eating cupcakes even more exciting. By encasing the tops of the cupcakes in chocolate shells and filling the insides with candy, young and old would have a great time cracking these open!

This Neapolitan Rose Cake by I Am Baker is ingenious - not only do I love the Neapolitan cake flavour idea, but icing the cake in an abundance of piped roses is stunning. I regularly use the rose technique when piping my cupcakes so I think I can pull this trick off.  And finally this amazing Ruffle Cake from Belle the Magazine incorporates ruffled fondant icing and silver cachous (which you can buy from any supermarket) to create a cake inspired by fashion.

I hope these photos have you given some new and exciting ideas for your baking – what ingenious ideas have you discovered lately on Pinterest?


  • I love pinterest!!! its such a great way to find new inspiration for baking.. i’ve been dying to make that rose cake by I Am Baker for aages – just looks sooo stunning. Never seen anything like those glow in the dark cupcakes before either – what a fun idea for kids :) will have to find you on pinterest!

    • Pinterest is so addictive isn’t it! Mine is – follow my boards and I’ll follow you back. The rose cake is definitely high up on my to-bake list!! Some day soon :)

  • I’ve been taking to pinterest lately for food inspiration too. It’s certainly the best way to find a new creative food idea. Thanks for sharing the glow in the dark cupcakes – I love them!

    • It’s amazing isn’t it! I definitely want to try the glow in the dark cupcakes soon, I hope the tonic water doesn’t effect the taste too much…

  • Brilliant post – it’s my daughter’s birthday on Saturday and I’m currently working on the menu. Some fab ideas here – thanks!

    • Oh wow good luck for the weekend! A lot of work I am sure but it will be loads of fun :) I have pinned quite a few things to my events board on Pinterest, hope they can help!

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