Sep 17, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce

Today I made a saucy dessert for this month’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop. This is a super easy and quick treat to whip up when you have friends over or to finish off a casual dinner.

One of my favourite treats is strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and I wanted to make a more decadent dipping sauce version. I substituted the normal cream used in a ganache in favour of sweetened condensed milk to give it a fudgey consistency. I added peanut butter for salt and crunch and a bit of butter to keep it smooth and shiny.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce
Prep time

Cook time

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Serves: 6

  • 400g sweetened condensed milk
  • 200g dark chocolate (70%)
  • ⅓ cup peanut butter (I used crunchy but you can also use smooth)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 2 punnets of strawberries (or pretzel sticks, marshmallows, cake cubes….)

  1. In a medium saucepan melt the chocolate over a low heat.
  2. Add the sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter and butter and stir until warm and combined.
  3. Pour into serving dishes or a fondue pot and serve with fruit, pretzel sticks – whatever you like!

This dip starts to firm slightly after sitting at room temperature for a long period so it’s best to make this right before serving. A fondue set is a great way to keep the dip warm and smooth, however a quick blast in the microwave will bring it back to a good consistency!


  • Woah. That sounds amazingly good! Mmm salt and chocolate and peanuts /drool

    • Not going to lie, I *may* have started eating it straight with a spoon. Heaven!

  • This sounds insanely decadent – love it!!

    • It was indeed JJ, but I am sure the fruit offsets all those calories, right?! ;)

  • Ah the dish! It makes me want to go vintage prop shopping immediately!

    • Isn’t it gorgeous!! :) We must go on a prop shopping adventure soon

  • Looks delicious! I make chocolate strawberries all the time, but adding peanuts for crunch is genius! I’m definitely going to try it!

    • Let me know how you go, you won’t regret it! :)

  • I love the plate!

    • Thanks Flick! I got it at the Crows Nest Vinnies :)

  • Look at that gorgeous plate! And the gorgeous chocolate dip! Such an adorable and delicious post.

    • Aw thanks SK! I love this plate so much, an op-shop find :D

  • Oh dear… Once upon a time I bought a jar of salted caramel sauce and ate it with a spoon in 1 week. I’ll be doing the same with this sauce! The way to my heart is peanut butter and chocolate – LOVE!

  • Love the combination of flavours here. And that dish – gorgeous!

    • Cheers Christina! It’s my new favourite dish, I love anything heart shaped :D

  • I love your heart-shaped dish. Adorable! This would be a fab dish to pull out at a dinner party. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Thanks Amy! It was an op-shop find, I’m very happy with it :)

  • Easy dessert to prepare when time is not on your side… love the dish also!

    • Thanks Moya! :)

  • Oooooh, that looks good. My sonny would surely love it as he’s adored the peanut butter cups my mom used to make for him from the time he was a little boy

    • Ooo I LOVE peanut butter cups! You could substitute the dark chocolate for milk chocolate for even more of a Reese’s taste :)

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