Sep 24, 2012

High Tea at The Victoria Room

It was my turn to organise a food blogger outing and I wanted to do a high tea – spending the afternoon drinking tea and eating cake is my kind of Sunday! After much deliberation I settled on The Victoria Room - they had a range of affordable high teas featuring tasty sounding treats. I had been to The Victoria Room a few times before for drinks and the interiors are decadently decorated in a British-Raj style.

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Of course I had to design an invitation, as that’s what I love to do! I insisted everyone dress up.

The lighting inside The Victoria Room is VERY moody (ie dark) so please excuse the quality of some of the photos, I was struggling! Half of our group ordered the Classic High Tea ($45pp) and the other half ordered the Royal High Tea ($55pp) which included a glass of rosé.

Our teas are ordered (I chose the Queen Mary, delicious) and glasses of De Perriere Sparkling Rosé arrive.

Gorgeous little tea cups

Our tiers of treats arrive shortly after. Guest starring Tara in the background!

The dessert level features a dark chocolate cup with chocolate mousse, cream and fresh raspberries, lemon cheesecake, fruit tart and a red velvet cupcake.

Date and plain scones with organic strawberry conserve and chantilly cream.

Sandwiches! Chicken and wild herbs, cucumber, creme fraiche and dill, smoked salmon, and walnut and goats curd. My favourite was the chicken sandwich (and they will offer more vego options when requested).

Thanks to Flick for providing some extra light from her phone for these next shots! The scone was a bit dense for my liking and I have eaten their delicious scones a lot at their offshoot The Tea Salon so I was a bit disappointed. However when smothered with the delicious jam and cream they were still very tasty. The red velvet cupcake was moist and flavourful and I loved the cream cheese icing on top.

The fruit tartlet was delicious and I loved the rhubarb and mint on top which kept it from being too heavy. The chocolate mousse cup was ridiculously decadent and tasted AMAZING. I was equally enchanted by the lemon cheesecake and by that stage I was beyond stuffed!

I had such a fun afternoon, thanks to all the lady food bloggers who showed up!


  • Oh how gorgeous! What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Your photos are great, I don’t think there is any saving the ones I took!

    • It was such a lovely afternoon, a shame you can’t salvage your photos Tara! Sometimes the lighting is just too damn dark!

  • Thanks for organising a great arvo! Thankfully the rest of the food made up for the scones

    • Not a problem Flick, I had a lovely time! Yes the rest of the food surpassed the dense scones thankfully

  • Thanks for organising a very fun afternoon – the high tea was delightful, as was meeting everyone for the first time! I enjoyed nibbling on my takeaway treats at home that night teehee x

    • It was lovely to meet you Christine! Such a wonderful way to spend the afternoon (and so civilized!). And I am glad you got to enjoy some takeaway treats too hehe xx

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