Sep 7, 2012

The Candy Room, Melbourne

I recently stumbled across the most gorgeous designed sweet shop in Melbourne called The Candy Room. Designed by Red Design Group, they painted the entire space white and decorated surfaces with black line drawings. It results in a fun and edgy unique concept store that I cannot wait to visit next time I’m down south!


  • Love this! So super cute :) Melbourne has so much cool stuff!

    • I know! Melbourne still wins hands down with all it’s cute and quirky bars and cafes.. I cannot wait to go back there :)

  • I walked past here yesterday! Well, trammed past. It looked amazing inside, if only I were on foot to purchase alllll the lollipops and imported candy.

    • Definitely adding it to my list next time I am in Melbourne!

  • well well well!

    • Yes Dazza?

  • OH. MY. GOD. This is amazing! I have to go here! Like, ASAP!!! x

    • Me too Amy! I need a Melbourne holiday STAT! x

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