Oct 30, 2012

Love Swah has had a facelift!

I’ve been wanting to give Love Swah a little “sprucing” for a while now and with the Eat Drink Blog conference¬†coming up this weekend I needed to get it done ASAP! Let me know what you think of the new look (and if you find anything broken let me know… sometimes it happens).

I am also making matching business cards to hand out at the conference. Due to the last minute nature of these cards they are going to be handmade… made with love of course.

I look forward to meeting you all soon in Adelaide!


  • Love it! Gorgeous work Swah x

    • Thank you Amy! xx

  • Looks absolutely gorgeous, love it!! My site needs a facelift, badly… Any tips? Hehe. Good on you for being prepared with business cards too :)

    • Thank you Christine! I would introduce a bright pop of colour in your blog, maybe in your header and then carry it across several elements through the blog (like links) and it would really brighten it up :)

      • Thanks heaps Swah!!! Will definitely look into it :D

  • Looking good! I think the layout is beautifully simple with lots of nice white space.
    I totalllly need business cards but too late to print now :(
    See you in Adelaide! xo

    • Cheers Soph :) I left my business cards too late as well so I’m printing them at home and cutting them out haha. Be prepared for a wonky card!

  • Looking faaaaabulous daaarling! x

    • Thanks Tara darling! xx

  • So pretty!! Well done Swah :) xoxo

    • Thank you Zarah, so glad it’s done now. Designing for yourself is tough :) xx

  • The new layout looks great!

    • Thanks Flick!

  • I love your layout! I’ve been scrambling to get my site into a half decent state before this weekend… I really suck at this design stuff though D:

    • Thanks Amy, and good luck with getting your site finished by the weekend. It’s definitely an advantage being a graphic designer hehe

  • Looking forward to meeting you this weekend! Shaping up to be a great conference

    • You too Jeremy! Can’t wait :)

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