Nov 7, 2012

Eat Drink Blog Conference 2012 – Highlights via Instagram

Hey guys!
I am back now from an amazing and exhausting long weekend in Adelaide for the Eat Drink Blog Conference. I am yet to go through my photos on my DSLR yet (I still haven’t even gone through my Vietnam ones… *cough*) but for now you can check out some highlights courtesy of Instagram.

I stayed with my friend Alex for the first night and I was provided with a hooded English flag onesie to sleep in – the height of fashion!

Knowing I had a weekend chock full of eating ahead I went for a healthy lunch on Friday at Galaxy which featured a delicious eggplant and potato filo and generous helpings of salad.

I then met up with a group of bloggers at Astonish Patisserie and we feasted on a variety of amazing desserts including a half-baked cheesecake, chocolate fondant, macarons and pavlova. It was all delicious!

I waddled to meet a friend at Botanic Bar for a cocktail (loved it) before meeting my other friends at Est Pizzeria - the pizza was delicious but the star of the meal was the wood fired gnocci. Oh my goodness.

I was so full I could barely breathe but that didn’t stop us from going to Chocolate Bean for dessert! Look at the array of gorgeous treats! And they also had an amazing gingerbread hot chocolate but I could only manage a sip, I was on struggle street.

I only had 1 drink (sensible Swah) at The Exeter before retiring to bed at The Stamford as I knew we had a big day ahead at EDB!

We first had a tour of the Adelaide Central Market. I was dying of jealousy, why don’t we have something like this in central Sydney? Come on guys!

We hopped on buses, some off to the Barossa and my group was off to McLaren Vale! It was a gorgeous day.

We visited the D’Arenberg winery and did a wine blending class! I don’t usually drink red so I fear my “special blend” may be hideous. Regardless, I have lugged it home and am forcing my Dad to drink it.

My favourite part of blending was that we got to play with dry ice!!

And then we got to drink bubbles! My favourite.

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick outfit change and off to the Hilton for an amazing dinner. The menu was insane! I loved pretty much everything except the ginger snow cones, which confused me.

Dining with the lovely Nat and Sophie

We were up early again for Day 2 and were greeted with a delicious array of pastries from Red Door Bakery

We did a food styling class with Fiona Roberts which was fun. I need more props!

Then we went downstairs to the markets again, where they had opened for us on a Sunday to serve us a VERY special lunch. I ate so much amazing bread, butter, cheese and cured meats.

There was a delicious chocolate fountain by Providore and MORE dry ice! Yes!

After a few more talks it was suddenly afternoon tea time and despite being completely stuffed I managed to sneak in a few cupcakes and cake pops from The Cupcake Table!

What an amazing and filling weekend. I had so much fun, learned a lot, met loads of new people and I cannot wait to return to Adelaide again soon. Thank you Tourism South Australia!



  • Lovely! I’m totally having #EDB2012 withdrawals. See… I’m still using the hashtag!

    • Haha me too Soph! I miss all you guys, although my ass does not miss all the over-indulging ;)

  • Great pics! Such a jam packed weekend. That eggplant and potato filo sounds tasty!

    • It was so tasty Tara and the cafe had lots of vege options, you must go there next time you visit Radelaide

  • Cute onesie! It was a GREAT weekend – I can’t believe how many people have their posts up already…I’m still trying to get my head around the 50,000 photos I took!

    • Haha I haven’t even uploaded the photos from my DSLR camera yet Mel, hopefully I’ll find some time on the weekend!!

  • Oh my goodness when you recap it all in pictures I can’t believe we all ate so much! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused by the snow cones. I think they needed a bit of explanation but were a bit too out there for me.
    I’m jealous that I didn’t get to taste any of the amazing desserts everyone seemed to sample. I guess I had to save something for next time!

    • Claire, we ate a frightening amount! Good thing this conference is once a year ;)

  • I’m amazed at how much of little Adelaide you packed into 2/3 days, more than most Adelaidians pack into their regular week that’s for sure! Hopefully the conference is in Sydney next year and I can come and sample some the local stuff there!

    • Yes come to Sydney Rachel, we have Topshop and lots of nice food! :D

  • Ah the memories! Really nice pix. I am reliving it all over again. xox

    • It was such an amazing weekend Megan, I want it to come again!

  • Ohhh lol. Don’t worry. I’m sure most of us are super behind and have a huge backlog of posts prior to conference. Never ending blogges woes, am I right? And foahhh I am seriously missing that dinner we had at the Hilton. Thanks for posting up the menu. I didn’t get a chance to take a pik of all the food but at least I’ll have your menu to look at (and drool over) from now on

    • The Hilton dinner was amazing wasn’t it! And I *always* have a backlog of posts – not enough hours in the day!! :)

  • Sounds like such a fun food-filled weekend! I need to get back to Adelaide and McLaren Vale!

  • Such an awesome weekend!!! :D I miss Adelaide :(

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