Nov 16, 2012

How to find a cheap flight

I often get asked by friends and family for my tips on nabbing a cheap fare. Sometimes you get rewarded for planning ahead and careful organisation, other times you just get lucky and manage to grab an awesome fare! Regardless, these ideas will help make securing a cheap deal much easier.

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♥ Book early

Take advantage of earlybird sale fares by booking your flights as far out as possible. By planning ahead and booking early you can make some serious savings, particularly if you are travelling close to Christmas or during school holidays.

♥ Be flexible with your flight dates

Flexibility with your dates of travel is the key to finding cheap flights. The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the more you can take advantage of cheap flights when they go on sale. But don’t worry, you can still get a great deal if your dates are more restrictive – it just takes a little more work!

♥ Fly with lesser known airlines

Consider flying lesser known or emerging airlines such as Etihad, Vietnam Airlines or China Southern. This also gives you a good opportunity to enjoy a stopover in another country along the way.

♥ Sign up to airline newsletters

Airline newsletters are a great way to find out about early-bird specials and the latest sale fares to the most popular international and domestic destinations.

♥ Follow airlines on social media

Like airlines on Facebook and follow them on Twitter – they sometimes offer exclusive sales to fans and followers.

♥ Fly outside of peak travel periods

Research your chosen destinations’ peak and off-peak times and try and plan around major holidays. Ticket prices are set according to demand, so the cheapest tickets can be found on the days with the least demand. Consider flying mid-week to get a cheaper fare.

♥ Consider alternate airports

Expand your search to include secondary airports. Small budget airlines often don’t fly to major airports, but to nearby secondary ones. Those budget airlines are often much cheaper than the bigger ones. Also consider avoiding large international airports such as London and start your Europe trip in Frankfurt or Amsterdam to avoid the high airport taxes.


  • Oooh thanks for all these tips Swah! I’m researching my trip to Japan next April and I can use all the help I can get hehe

    • No worries Christine! If you need any Japan tips let me know, I <3 Japan!

    • I’m also looking for tickets to Japan, planning to go in April. Cheapest so far was ~$1450 return. I’m not sure what price I should consider as a good one…

      • Whilst that may seem a steep price, April is peak season for Japan due to the Cherry Blossom Festival! So it will be amazingly beautiful, just a little $$$ :)

  • Thanks Swah pefect timing. Still trying to get fares under $1000 for Vietnam in first week of feb. Now signing up for newsletters.

    • Good luck Flick!! I’ll see what I can do

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