Nov 23, 2012

Things that make me happy

Collecting pastel nail polishes (addicted)

Matching my nail colour to my fruit

♥ Matching my nail colour to my new blog design

♥ Catsitting!

♥ Especially when the cat likes to sit on your toilet

♥ Doing a chocolate making class! (read more about the day here)

♥ Learning how to temper chocolate

♥ Eating naughty food. Hot dogs and chili cheese fries from The Snag Stand

♥ More naughty lunches! Pork belly from Slip Inn. Working in the city is dangerous

♥ Eating healthy homemade food to offset the naughtiness. Lean lamb meatballs with quinoa salad.

♥ DRY ICE! Especially when it’s applied to gelato. Finally made it to N2 Extreme Gelato :D

♥ Going for a run and seeing this beautiful sunset over the park. Makes exercise that bit more bearable.

What is making you happy right now?


  • Oh snaps, I am also totally addicted to collecting pastel nail polishes at the moment as well! They are sooo preeeeetttty.

    Christmas organising, present buying and baking are all my happy things at the moment :D

    • I love them! And the Rimmel nail polishes are so cheap :D

      I actually hate Christmas organising and present buying, it’s stressful and I hate the crowds. What a grinch!

  • What a great thought for a post :) Right now Pumpkin is making me happy – pumpkin everything!

    • Sometimes it’s nice to focus on the little things that make you happy, and clearly I am easily pleased :) I must admit I don’t have much to do with pumpkin however I am trying pumpkin pie for the first time at Sarah Kate’s Thanksgiving dinner! Also you should put up your recipe for your pumpkin chai latte *hint hint* ;)

  • Love this post! Sunshine, new pals and foodie catch ups are making me happy. Oh and N2 looks like such nerdy, tasty fun :D

    • I completely agree with you Tara except the sunshine bit. I don’t really like the sun, my skin doesn’t cope haha!

  • Aw kitty’s always make me happy! All animals do! So does growing flowers and cooking x

    • Animals, gardening and cooking also make me very happy Zarah, couldn’t agree more! :)

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