Dec 13, 2012

Kitty Couture – Feline fashion for the discerning crazy cat lady

The other day I went for a wander to the shops to find the perfect birthday dress. I wanted something 50s styled, preferably in mint green. Then I passed a cat dress and any sensible dress ideas went out the window. Isn’t it wonderful?! However I do draw the line at a cat wearing a bow tie, fortunately this part is detachable.

A pair of Charlotte Olympia cat shoes has been on my wish-list for a very long time but at over AU$700 a pair I think I need to be content with just admiring.

ASOS has some very pleasant-looking cat sweaters. Left + Right

This is ridiculous. I kind of think I need a cat-ular. Yes, that’s a cat spatular. The fact that it guarantees you a purr-fect breakfast just tops it off.

If you want to embrace the cat look on a more low-key level, then perhaps some cat eye sunglasses are more appropriate.

More cat stuff here!


  • Sooooooooo cute!! Love it so much and anything cat themed :D Need a pair of those adorable cat sunnies!!

    • Sportgirl has some really cute cat eye sunglasses! I have a tortoiseshell pair :)

  • Eeek! Love these, especially the first dress! I have always had a thing for animals doing people stuff (like wearing clothing) so I’d totally wear the dress with the bow! Haha! :P

    • Very good point Amy, every cat needs a bow tie after all! Haha

  • Oh my! We absolutely adore those cat face flats. We actually have a few items in our store that would pair well with the items featured in your post! Please check us out at We’re offering free shipping on all orders through Friday!

    • Oh I love the cat tights and cat ring, gorgeous!!!

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