Feb 26, 2013

Pantone Pairings by David Schwen

I always love it when food and design collide and it frequently involves Pantone.

These Pantone Pairings of food on Instagram by Minneapolis based designer David Schwen are eye-catching, clever and I look forward to following this ongoing project. What flavour combination are you hoping he does next?

For more Pantone Pairings in this series go here


  • I love this!! I’m a print producer, so Pantone is a part of my life. I love it when my worlds collide. Love love love. Thanks for sharing Swah, I hadn’t seen these before.

    I’d love to see an Aussie food pairing: Vegemite and Avocado!

    • Not a problem Lex, glad you enjoyed it! :) I love the idea of a Vegemite and avocado version!

  • I only discovered what pantones are about 5 months ago upon deciding on a “mint” colour for invites… GOSH! Sooo many shades! But this type of pantone I get. Thanks for sharing. Checked out some of the other IG pics, there are some pretty cool ones that David matched up; I love the milk and cookie one :)

    • I can spend hours leafing through Pantone samples, trying to find the right shade! I think the milk and cookie one is my favourite too :)

  • Having just started a graphics course I am excited about Pantone becoming part of my life! Love the milk and cookies and would like to see tomato and basil! Looking forward to following this :)

    • Oh wonderful! Where are you studying?
      Tomato and basil is definitely a winning combo :)

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