30 before 30

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I love lists! My room is overflowing with notebooks filled with handwritten lists. There is nothing more satisfying then crossing something off your list which has led me to writing a “30 before 30″ list. 30 things I want to try and achieve before I hit the big THREE-OH. This means my due date to cross all these things off is 15 December 2014, giving me approximately 1.5 years.

I have tried to keep this list as realistic and attainable as possible. I want to see the seven wonders of the world, visit all 7 continents, see the Northern Lights, experience Japan during cherry blossom season, climb to Everest Base Camp… There are still *many*, mostly travel-related, items on my bucket list which might need to join a “35 before 35″ list.

Why am I publishing it online? It holds me accountable – I will be blogging about each task I complete and it’s fun to hear about me being completely petrified (hello swimming with sharks!). I want you to get involved (suggest some more ideas to me!) and I want you to help me achieve it (anyone want to sign up with me for pole dancing lessons or take a cake decorating class?)

So here we go, in no particular order. These range from the life changing to the relatively mundane.

1. Swim with the sharks (thought I’d put the most terrifying one first)
2. Shoot a gun
3. Ride a motorbike
4. Complete a 40 day yoga challenge
5. Learn a language (at least at a basic conversational level)
6. Take pole dancing lessons
7. Visit New Zealand (it’s embarrassing I still haven’t been)
8. Become a published author (even if it’s just an article in a magazine)
9. Live in mainland Europe and/or New York
10. Climb a really damn big mountain. Everest Base Camp may have to wait
11. Sell my baked goods at a cafe or market stall
12. Design and produce my own stationery line
13. Run for charity at the City2Surf
14. Go on a juice cleanse (mainly out of curiosity and because clearly I’m a masochist)
15. Gamble in Las Vegas
16. Go on a yoga retreat
17. Fund a kickstarter project
18. Adopt a rescue kitty
19. Act in a TV show or film as an extra
20. See the Grand Canyon
21. Exhibit at Finder’s Keepers Market
22. Volunteer at an animal shelter
23. Knit a scarf
24. Do a professional cake decorating class/course
25. Dye my hair a dramatically different colour

As you can see I haven’t filled in all 30 yet – please give me your suggestions or share with me your own lists! And please no bungee jumping or ill-conceived tattoo requests ;)

Want to start your own list? I have friends writing their own “33 before 33″ and “40 before 40″ lists so please comment and share your ideas and goals!

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  1. says

    Although my dirty 30 is long gone I’m pleased to say I’ve done a few of these things…Numbers 2, 3, 5 (sort of, & very badly), 7, 8, 10 (sort of, it was big hill to me) 19, 20, 22 and 23. I’m not so boring after all. I think I’d like to see you with a totally different hair colour before you’re 30….

  2. says

    I made a big list like this recently! Yours is looking good. I want to make a simple one for the uni holidays i.e. FINISH A NOVEL; so much to do and see that I can’t achieve during semester when I’m chained to a desk reading crap I don’t want to! Arrrrrgh!

    I really want to swim with sharks by the way. I’m terrified and fascinated by them. I’d be happy to do it with you?! x

    • Swah says

      Lists like these are great even if they only contain small things. After 5 years of study I know how hard it is to simply find the time to finish a book! Yes please swim with sharks with me! You may have to hold my quivering hand though :) xx

    • Swah says

      I want to do ALL these things Katie! I am not sure if I can get them done before I turn 30… but they’re definitely going on a list :)

  3. says

    Count me in for the NZ trip, I went years ago and have always wanted to go back. Plus the food is meant to be fab! Not sure about the gun shooting one…

    • Swah says

      I usually spell it muahaha otherwise it sounds like you’re trying to laugh evily and kiss me at the same time ;) Actually number 11 I have always wanted to do and would LOVE to have my own stall some day, Saturday is going to be good practice! :D

  4. says

    Love your list and I took your advice and chucked up mine a week after my 27th birthday (have a squiz on my blog). Totally achievable.. most of them.. I think. Heehee.

    Let the games begin! ;)


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