New Shanghai, Chatswood

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I’ve been living in a Surry Hills bubble for a few years now and there are now only 2 things that will make me go over the bridge – family and good food! Fortunately, New Shanghai in Chatswood has come highly recommended and I look forward to sampling their menu.

Located on the ground floor of Chatswood Chase in a rather bland looking food court, the queue snaking out the front was a good sign. I immediately fell in love with the black and red colour theme of the decor, with red bunting hanging from the ceiling, wooden stools and the odd umbrella to give you that old school Shanghai vibe.

I can never go past pork dumplings when I eat Chinese and immediately laid eyes on these pan fried pork buns. I loved the soft pastry contrasted with the crispy pan fried bottom. The buns contained a tasty pork and soup filling which squirted delicious pain if you weren’t careful!

Pan fried pork buns

I am not a huge seafood fan but I wanted to give the steamed prawn and pork dumplings a go. They were light and very tasty and I actually liked them! Yes I liked something with prawn in it!

Prawn and pork dumplings

One of the first things that caught my eye on the menu was the Deep Fried Chicken with Special Garlic & Chilli Sauce. And it did not disappoint! The skin was super crispy whilst the meat still tender and juicy and the special sauce was amazing, so good I wished I could take a bottle of it home with me.

Deep Fried Chicken with Special Garlic & Chilli Sauce

I know the description “steamed plain bread” doesn’t sound particularly inviting, but please give this dish a go! I love a bit of DIY at the table, and piling huge helpings of succulent duck, cucumber, spring onions and sauce into a freshly steamed bun was fun, delicious and messy.

Crispy salted and spiced duck served with steamed plain bread

By this stage we were bursting at the seams and unfortunately couldn’t finish the rest of our dishes – however the staff were more than happy to package them up in a takeaway container for later. Woohoo!

New Shanghai was delicious and with such a huge menu there were many more things I wanted to try. Looks like a trip back over the bridge might be on the cards sooner than expected!

Love Swah dined as a guest of Wasamedia and New Shanghai

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    • Swah says

      I keep hearing good things about the Ashfield branch! And I LOVE xiao long bao but was too full :( Next time!!

  1. Jane Shrapnel says

    Swah’s mum – Your father & I have been to the New Shanghai twice already! When Ross was living in Sydney (one of Dad’s good friends), he took us there & we’ve returned once. It is a great place – good food – yum dumplings & cheaply priced. Can be a while getting a table but a sign it is a good restaurant with crowds flocking around!! When you shop at Chatswood Chase, that’s where you eat!

    • Swah says

      I’m very impressed you and Dad have already eaten here twice, you obviously have good taste! ;) Definitely looking forward to trying it again next time I’m “Up North”

  2. Jane Shrapnel says

    PS Glad you said one of the reasons to come over the bridge was family or you wouldn’t be popular!!

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