Sep 25, 2013

Off on a (relaxing) adventure!

I’m not very good at relaxing. I always have to be doing fifty million things at once in the fear I might get bored and…. self combust? I’m not sure what I think will happen. But after working far too many 70+ hour work weeks in a row, my body had a little breakdown and I got very sick. So I thought now would be the perfect time to try something I have always wanted to do… a relaxing holiday, at a yoga retreat!

The concept of a relaxing holiday is very new to me, as all my previous trips have been action-packed holidays where I try and cram as much amazing culture, history and food as possible into a short space. I generally come home feeling like I need a holiday from my holiday. However, I’ve never been attracted to the idea of a beach holiday – lying on the beach for a week? How boring! Not to mention too much direct sunlight.

I’ve been practicing yoga for around 4 years now and have been dying to try a retreat (it’s even on my 30 Before 30 list). So for the next 5 days I will be staying in a cabin in the bush, doing 3 yoga classes daily, practicing meditation (something I’m terrible at), getting massaged, catching up on reading books and eating healthy food. Exactly what my body and mind needs right now (before I destroy it on my upcoming trip to America! More on that another day).

I will be taking my camera and notebook with me and will be reviewing this retreat in a future blog post if you want to give it a go too. My friend I am travelling with has enforced an internet-ban on me whilst I’m there, so I’ll be quiet on social media for the next few days (how will I cope?!)

Have you ever been on a retreat (yoga or otherwise) or do you want to give one a try?


  • Sounds good, enjoy!

    • Thanks Aga! :)

  • I suffer a similar problem and will be interested to hear how you go! So sorry to hear you’ve been crook, I hope you come back feeling refreshed and revtitalised.

    • Thank you Erin! It’s so hard to switch off sometimes. Am back and feeling revitalised (let’s see how long this lasts hehe)

  • Good for you lady, you deserve a break! I hope you truly unwind, chill out and find your zen. x

    • Thank you Tara! Am back and feeling very “zen” :D

  • this sounds like a great idea. i should def do something like this too!

    • Yes you should Tina, you will feel amazing!!

  • Hey Swah! So interested to hear about the Yoga Retreat. Which one did you choose?
    Enjoy your relaxation x


    • Hey Sar! I went to Billabong Retreat, I will blog about it next week x

  • Enjoy, that’s the type of holiday I need right now.

    • I hope you can find some time to chill out Sara! Fortunately there is a long weekend coming up :)

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