Nov 14, 2013

Oven Express – A review

What’s your most hated household chore? Mine has got to be cleaning the oven. It always falls to the bottom of my priority list and I never get around to it until my oven is belching black smoke everywhere. Then there’s the inevitable lengthy process of scraping off the blackened grease whilst inhaling potent chemicals, followed by letting the oven air out and worrying over when it was “safe” to actually cook in it again.

I was recently approached by the guys at Oven Express for a complimentary oven clean that was safe, clean and green. With my oven approaching 2 years without a proper clean (and it gets a good workout producing all those baked treats!) I jumped at the chance.

My Oven Express rep turned up promptly at our agreed upon time and he soon laid out his workspace as I peered curiously over the couch.

What I had done:

* Removal and cleaning of oven door, racks and side rack holders using premium quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic oven cleaner agents
* Complete clean of the control knobs, door and side panelling – prime areas where fat, oil and other leftovers have accumulated
* Deep cleaning in the Oven Express van of oven racks, base and steel rack holders

As I was sitting only a few metres away watching/spying, I was impressed with how non-toxic the fumes of the cleaning products were. My technician was quick and efficient and the whole process took just over an hour.

And my result? A sparkling clean oven, good as new!

I had an initial panic after my technician had left as I didn’t confirm how long to leave between cleaning the oven and cooking – and I had a cake to bake ASAP! I turned the oven on high, opened the oven door (and my balcony doors) and tried to “air it out”. However after 10 minutes I realised there was literally no residual scum, fumes or cleaning products left and it was good to go immediately. So I baked.

Want a professional oven clean for yourself? Head on over to their website or Facebook page to book yours now.


  • ooh lovely, i need one of these, my oven is filthy!

    • Give it a go, I am loving my clean oven!!

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