My Favourite Free Fonts


As a graphic designer I spend a LOT of time scouring the internet for the “perfect font” for a particular project. I have been stumbling upon quite a few amazing free fonts lately, and thought I’d share my favourites with you!


1. Sanchez

2. Ostrich Sans

3. Josefin Slab

4. Raleway

5. Wisdom Script

6. Bebas Neue

7. Champagne and Limousines

8. Pacifico

9. Aracne

10. Lavanderia

Do you have any free fonts you love that you can share with us?


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    • Swah says

      Bebas Neue is always my go-to! And I am really liking Aracne, a nice handwritten font that is like Comic Sans’ fancy aunt.

  1. says

    Ostrich Sans, Raleway and Champagne & Limousines (but mostly for the caps) for me.

    I also like Pacifico if I needed a nice casual script.

    Some of these are very familiar to me. ;-)

  2. says

    I like fonts that are easy to pull apart in Illustrator so Special K is fun. It’s round but with edges so you can stretch it, skew it, and do lots of crazy things :) I also got lots of praise from my son for locating the Pokemon font for his birthday invites :D


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