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  • killed-you
    Design, Inspiration

    Design Inspiration

    Hola, life is pretty insane at the moment. I have started a new job, taken on a mountain of freelance work, am in the midst of redesigning this blog (and making it…

  • succulents-1
    Design, Inspiration, Lifestyle

    Addicted to Succulents

    A while ago I blogged about my 2 little succulents planted in Wedgwood tea tins and some succulent-related inspiration. Well this love for succulents has seemed to have turned into a full…

  • cake-decoration
    Design, Food, Inspiration

    Pinterest Baking Inspiration

    Pinterest has always been a huge source for inspiration of design and interior ideas, and lately I been discovering awesome baking ideas including glow in the dark cupcakes (omg) and piñata cupcakes (genius). These Glow…

  • pamukkale4
    Inspiration, Travel

    Wanderlust: Pamukkale

    I recently discovered Pamukkale, Turkey through a friend’s photos on Instagram. It came as no surprise to me that Pamukkale translated as “cotton castle” – it looks like these hot springs formed against…

  • obsessed-ombre1
    Design, Food, Inspiration

    Obsessed with Ombre

    ombré noun – From the French word ombrer (to shade). Having colours or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the colour is graduated from light to dark. I have…

  • vivid-festival1
    Design, Inspiration

    Vivid Sydney Festival 2012

    Vivid Sydney is a festival that takes over the city after dark from 25 May – 11 June this year and transforms Sydney into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas. I attended…

  • iphones
    Design, Inspiration

    iPhone cases

    My beloved mint green encased iPhone has been possessed lately. It’s been ringing random people from my contacts list at all times of the day and night (including multiple calls to the…

  • mca3
    Design, Inspiration

    MCA Zine Fair 2012

    On Sunday I attended the Zine Fair at the Museum of Contemporary Art – a fun afternoon of browsing and purchasing cute handmade zines (and a DIY mobile!) Love this paper spoon…

  • instagram5

    My favourite users on Instagram

    My addiction to Instagram is intensifying and I am constantly on the hunt for new IG users to follow for inspiration or just a little amusement. Here are my current favs! ♥…

  • white-choc-cupcakes
    Food, Inspiration

    Mother’s Day

    This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate how amazing our mums are and appreciate all they have done for us. Unfortunately my mum is swanning around Europe (half her luck!)…

  • reykjavik-new-york
    Inspiration, Travel

    Planning a holiday?

    I’m getting itchy feet again and am starting to plan my next holiday – once I finally decide on my destination of course! I’m thinking a few weeks in Reykjavík and New…