Popping Candy Donuts


Is there anything more exciting than popping candy? How about popping candy and donuts? When I stumbled upon these tubes of “Festive Popping Candy” in the supermarket recently, I knew they would make the perfect Christmas-themed donut. The tart sweetness of the strawberry and apple flavoured popping candy contrasts well with the double chocolate donuts […]

Christmas Bling Donuts


If you want to add a little sparkle to your Christmas, then these mini “Bling Donuts” may be your answer! Not only are they easy to make, you can get as creative as your mind lets you and it’s a fun thing to get the kids involved with too! I kept the flavours of this […]

German Gingerbread “Pfeffernüsse” Donuts


Whenever I think of Christmas treats, I think of gingerbread. Specifically, Pfeffernüsse, those round German cookies covered in powdered sugar you often find in the grocery store at this time of year (I got mine from Aldi). Image from Claire K Creations So what exactly are Pfeffernüsse, I hear you ask? If you can’t find them, […]

Candy Cane Donuts with White Chocolate


It’s the first day of December and what does that mean? The countdown to Christmas starts! To celebrate I am sharing with you a different festive Christmas donut recipe each week. As much as I love making (and especially eating) donuts, the thought of hovering over a hot pot of boiling oil to deep fry […]

Brown Butter Choc Chip Cookies with Sea Salt


It seems it is indeed possible to improve on perfection. I’ve been making my delicious Choc Chip Cookie recipe for years now, but the other day I wondered if I could make it even better. I’ve heard of the idea of browning your butter before adding it to baking, giving the dessert a nutty, toasted […]