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  • war-memorial
    Food, Travel

    Weekends Away: Canberra

    I was recently invited by Rachel (aka CreamyMiddles) to accompany her on an all expenses paid weekend away in Canberra – yes please! This is all part of a great marketing concept…

  • radisson-high-tea3
    Food, Travel

    High Tea at Bistro Fax, Radisson Blu

    Disclosure: This high tea was provided by Groupon for my review I love high tea and always jump at the chance to try out a new place around Sydney. The guys at Groupon offered…

  • fruit
    Food, Inspiration, Travel

    Eating in Vietnam Part 1

    I have slowly started trawling through the 1000+ photos I took in Vietnam and will be sharing more with you soon. Turns out I took so many photos of food in Vietnam…

  • cheap-flights

    How to find a cheap flight

    I often get asked by friends and family for my tips on nabbing a cheap fare. Sometimes you get rewarded for planning ahead and careful organisation, other times you just get lucky…

  • astonish3
    Food, Travel

    Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide

    Several food bloggers and I (Tara, Sophie, Mel, Christine and Megan) were in Adelaide prior to the start of EDB and decided we needed to trial one of Adelaide’s many dessert bars.…

  • hanoi
    Food, Travel

    Vietnam via Instagram

    Hello everyone I am home! I had a wonderful time in Vietnam and took over 1000 photos (!!) Whilst I sort through those, I will share with you some Instagram snaps I…

  • vietnam-motorbikes

    Vietnam Guide Part #1 – Before You Leave

    ♥ Travel Insurance Image source This should be purchased the minute you book that flight!  Most policies do not automatically include cover for claims involving motorcycling. If you plan on riding a motorcycle (even…

  • candy-room1
    Design, Food, Travel

    The Candy Room, Melbourne

    I recently stumbled across the most gorgeous designed sweet shop in Melbourne called The Candy Room. Designed by Red Design Group, they painted the entire space white and decorated surfaces with black…

  • vietnam-help

    Next stop, Vietnam!

    Image Source I am usually a fairly sensible person. Well, sometimes at least. When I book a trip it’s usually months (often a year) in advance and I research and plan everything…

  • pamukkale4
    Inspiration, Travel

    Wanderlust: Pamukkale

    I recently discovered Pamukkale, Turkey through a friend’s photos on Instagram. It came as no surprise to me that Pamukkale translated as “cotton castle” – it looks like these hot springs formed against…