Friday Link Loves 27/3/15 – Easter Edition

bunny butts

Today’s Friday Link Loves is all about EASTER! Possibly my favourite holiday of the year, anything that involves a 4 day long weekend and eating copious amounts of chocolate is A-ok by me. Here are some delicious recipes and fun crafty projects to get you in the Easter spirit. Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs by Rasberri Cupcakes […]

Travel Tips For Visiting Developing Countries


I have had so many amazing, life changing experiences in developing countries that I wouldn’t change for the world. Some of these experiences were quite confronting at the time (hello Chinese squat toilets!) but they are the very reason why I travel – to challenge myself, to learn and to experience new and amazing things. If your […]

6 of the best WordPress Plugins for your Blog


This is my ultimate list of the best WordPress plugins (in my opinion) that will benefit your blog. From preventing spam to backing up your blog or speeding up your site, these plugins make blogging a hell of a lot more easy! Whether you’re a newbie blogger or have been blogging for years, it’s never […]

What to Pack for a Tropical Holiday


I’m off to New Caledonia in a few weeks! As it’s my first tropical holiday, I’ve been giving quite a bit of thought as to what to pack. Since New Caledonia is a remote island, buying things there is an expensive endeavour. So organisation is key! ♥ A fabulous swimsuit – I recently purchased this vintage-style one […]