Foodie Fashion Finds


I love food-related clothing (and alliteration) so I thought I’d round up my favourite foodie fashion finds for you to drool over! 1. ASOS Hangry Sweatshirt 2. I Scream Nails Grape Soda Polish  3. Neat Eats Grilled Cheese Sandwich Necklace 4. Adolescent Clothing Pizza Never Lies Tshirt 5. Kate Spade Eat Cake For Breakfast Bracelet 6. Mr […]

Travel Guide: Xitang, China


After experiencing the hustle and bustle of Shanghai I highly suggest you take a day to venture out to Xitang. Xitang is an Ancient Water Town located 90km from Shanghai. Filled with narrow cobbled streets, picturesque old bridges over canals and traditional buildings, this charming town is a way to experience traditional China. Oh and […]

My Top 10 Recipes from 2014


Oh 2014, what a delicious year you were! I thought I’d take the time to round up my top 10 recipes from 2014, providing you (and me!) with some baking inspiration for the year to come. This foodie trip down memory lane has me salivating and wanting to go straight home to make some more […]

Panettone Waffles – Using up Christmas leftovers


I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and ate way too much! Whilst I’ve worked my way through the leftover ham and trimmings, there is always the lone Panettone, sitting there lost and forgotten. Every year someone feels obliged to bring a giant Panettone, and every year it goes largely uneaten. For those […]

Popping Candy Donuts


Is there anything more exciting than popping candy? How about popping candy and donuts? When I stumbled upon these tubes of “Festive Popping Candy” in the supermarket recently, I knew they would make the perfect Christmas-themed donut. The tart sweetness of the strawberry and apple flavoured popping candy contrasts well with the double chocolate donuts […]