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    How to Survive Plane Food

    As a self-professed foodie, the one thing I hate about travelling is plane food. Sure, I know it’s not popular with most people, but I honestly hate it so much I sometimes would…

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    How to stay healthy on holidays

    Today on the blog I have the lovely Amy from Eat Pray Workout sharing her tips on staying healthy while on holidays! I wish I had read this before my recent travels, as 5…

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    Travel Tips For Visiting Developing Countries

    I have had so many amazing, life changing experiences in developing countries that I wouldn’t change for the world. Some of these experiences were quite confronting at the time (hello Chinese squat toilets!) but…

  • Asia, Travel

    10 Tips for Travelling in China

    I’ve just returned from an amazing holiday in China! It was both breathtaking and challenging at times, so I wanted to share with you my 10 tips for travelling in China to…

  • Inspiration, Travel, USA & Canada

    Handy America tips

    Hey guys! I’m back from my American adventures and a bit jet lagged. So while I get myself together and start writing city-based guides, I wanted to share some handy general America…

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    Vietnam Guide Part #1 – Before You Leave

    ♥ Travel Insurance Image source This should be purchased the minute you book that flight!  Most policies do not automatically include cover for claims involving motorcycling. If you plan on riding a motorcycle (even…