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Sorry things have been a bit quiet in Swah-land lately. I have been incredibly busy with assignments and freelance work, and then my blog was hacked right before a holiday. It was a complete mess. Fortunately my tech-savvy boy helped bring Love Swah back from the brink of death upon returning from our trip. I’ve been slowly reinstalling everything and it’s now almost back to business – although I can’t wait to do a complete re-design of the blog once I have completed my course (and have some more free time) at the end of this year.

After weeks of an intense schedule my immune system decided to throw the towel in this week, so unfortunately I’ve been holed up in bed the past few days being a sook. Let’s have a look at some good things that have been going on lately!


Spring has sprung

Spring is well and truly upon us in Sydney and last week I was roaming my neighbourhood with DSLR in tow, snapping pics of the beautiful blooming cherry blossoms. Loving my new lens, the Canon 50mm f1.4


♥ Getting fit in beautiful surroundings

At the start of this year my lungs were pretty much obliterated by pneumonia. I found it quite depressing not being able to exercise regularly so I have been working on building up my fitness and stamina again. I have been going on amazing (and challenging) walks around Sydney with a friend who is in training for a trek to Nepal.


♥ A weekend in Orange

A group of friends and I recently drove to Orange in country NSW to visit a lovely friend who has moved out there. It was a weekend full of amazing food, wine and company. Stay tuned for a mini weekend-away guide on Orange.


♥ Purchasing the 2012 Frankie calendar and diary

I missed out on the coveted Frankie magazine calendar and diary last year, so got my order in early this time. I can’t wait until they arrive! Being organised never looked so pretty.


All this excitement is exhausting, I’m going back to bed. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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