Photographing my work

Last week a friend and I hired a professional photographer to shoot images for our graduation portfolios – and boy what a difference does a pro make! I actually squealed “oh my god! My work looks like real work now!” Haha.


Here was our basic set-up for the shoot, with my hands guest starring as I hold a dark reflector board to minimize the highlights. We wanted to keep the shoot simplistic so as to let our work be the focus. I am sick of seeing designer’s works shot at awkward angles with extreme depth of field. Sure it looks “cool”, but you can’t get the full idea of the project!

We anticipated the shoot to take 2 hours but it ended up taking 4 hours, it was exhausting! We were fortunate enough to have an amazingly nice photographer who didn’t mind staying back later.

Here are a few shots from the day:

Penguin book covers

Pasta packaging

Fever Ray CD

Dottir Magazine

Raleigh Paper packaging

Opera Australia brochure

You can see more photos from this shoot on my The Loop profile. I also have finally set up my Behance account, so check it out here.

Now I just need to finish the layout of my print portfolio, finalise my business cards, send everything off to print and then finish my portfolio website. Not to mention the other numerous assignments due. The end is near!

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  • Reply Amy November 21, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Oh wow! Everything looks amazing! Good work! I particularly love the book covers and the pasta packaging :) I just handed in a Penguin Books logo redesign for one of my subjects today. Good luck with the rest of your assignments, just think – you’re almost there! x

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