The past few weeks…

Wow, life has been insanely busy lately and I am sorry to neglect you poor blog! Christmas and NYE festivities, I started my new job, began the agonising process of house hunting in Sydney (I clearly need to be more patient), managed to come down with a nasty throat infection (in the middle of summer? really?) and lots more.

Fortunately my good friend Instagram has been there to capture some of these moments! My username is Swah if you want to follow me, but be warned I take lots of pictures of cats and food.

♥ I drank a lot of champagne in December (trying to kind of detox now. Ha!)

♥ Gave myself a candy cane manicure (courtesy of Sally Hansen nail strips) and bought myself I Love Bodoni (amazing book)


 ♥ Looked after a kitty with a foot fetish and and took glamour shots of my beloved Bruce

♥ Went to the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum! I purchased some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and my friend and I got our souvenir photo taken (we look SO.EXCITED!)

♥ Ate way too many desserts. Chocolatey goodness from Passionflower and hazelnut meringue Japonaise from Runcible Spoon

♥ NYE involved champagne, sparklers and friends

♥ Admired pretty hanging things (red lanterns in Chinatown and fairy lights on the way out of the Powerhouse Museum)

♥ Delicious coffee and gelato at Caffe Sicilia



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