The past few weeks through Instagram

Life has been busy as usual and I am very much looking forward to a well earned break over the Easter holidays. But after consulting my holiday to-do list it looks like things will still be full steam ahead!

Macaron and Cupcake Decorating masterclass

My girlfriends had bought me this for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to brush up my skills! On the left is a fellow classmate piping her macarons, and on the right are my completed macarons. As I am allergic to almonds and therefore never eat macarons, I made mine with hazelnut meal which I have previously done here. Paired with the dark chocolate ganache these macarons tasted amazing! My friend said it was like “an even more awesome Ferreo Rocher”. High praise indeed.

We then moved on to cupcake decorating. On the left is my collection of sugary decorations and on the right is some of my finished cupcakes squished in a box along with my macarons. It was my first time working with fondant and I need more practice – but it’s fun! Stay tuned for a blog post on this course.

♥ Swah the petsitter

Over the past few weeks I have looked after a friend’s kitty and also some hermit crabs. This weekend I am pet sitting a kitten. I should start advertising my services!

♥ Food photography course

I attended a food photography course lead by Billy from A Table for Two. Wow, I sure learnt a lot and realised how much I didn’t know! The food was from Mumu Grill and tasted AMAZING. In fact I am returning in a few weeks to do a tapas class there!

♥ IKEA trips and unpacking

We have made 2 trips to IKEA so far and need to make a third one shortly. My room looked like a bomb had gone off for quite a while but it’s finally all unpacked. Now to start decorating!

♥ A pretty watering can and the death of our herbs

I bought a gorgeous watering can and then killed my herbs. But fear not, we replaced the lost causes and the others are starting to perk up!

♥ Art Express

Visited Art Express at the Art Gallery of NSW and admired the works done by Year 12 students (wow). These were 2 of my favourites.

♥ Visiting my fur kids

I went home to visit my family and catch up with my darling cat and dog who I miss very much. Bruce (left) is angry because dinner is late and Bessie (right) was trying to stand up (she is very old and rickety)

♥ Easter chocolate heaven!

I purchased lots of Easter chocolate moulds and dye and will be making Easter treats for the blog soon (stay tuned) and I received a lovely gift from the Donna Hay general store – chocolate chickens in an egg carton! Aw!

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  • Reply Debzillah April 10, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Glad you enjoyed the class. I’m CRAZY about hazelnut, its my favourite flavour, so I’m totes jelly of your macaronism.

    • Reply Swah April 10, 2012 at 3:12 pm

      Hazelnut + Chocolate = match made in heaven! :)

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