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December was ridiculously busy, fun and featured an embarrassing amount of food and cocktails. Plus it was my birthday, so more the reason to celebrate!

The Beach 

I was finally convinced to go to the beach on a beautiful sunny day, I hid in a cave at first. I eventually got in the water and gave snorkelling a go, I had a great time! I have since returned for beachside walks and post-work swims – something I want to do on a more regular basis.

♥ Ticking more restaurants off my list

I managed to check out quite a few places on my never-ending list of places to eat around Sydney. Brunch at Orto was amazing and I can’t wait to return (why did it take me so long to get here when I live around the corner?!)

Queenies was delicious Jamaican food featuring jerk chicken, sweet potato fries and bammies (a traditional Jamaican cassava flatbread)

Santa Barbara is a Hawaiian Restaurant with delicious bings (asian-style tacos), more sweet potato fries (obsessed), chicken burgers and popcorn with pineapple and bacon chunks! They also have a great cocktail menu and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places in Sydney for a drink and nibble.

Ippudo – so far I have only tried the takeaway ramen so I can’t comment on the famous pork buns which are sadly unavailable for t/a (tear). The broth was delicious but I found the noodles underwhelming.

And I finally made it to The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish to sample their delicious treats. The caramel slice and malteser pie were particularly amazing! I must return to give their milkshakes and burgers a go.

♥ An Embarrassing Amount of Cocktails…

I didn’t realise just how many cocktails were consumed during December until I went through my photos (and I haven’t even included the 1 litre mojito that was consumed at my work lunch!) Here are some highlights of the tastiest.

Clockwise from the top left we have the Amazing Perfect from Lil Darling, a Downtown Iced Tea from Santa Barbara, a giant cocktail made in a watermelon from The Norfolk and finally 2 very delicious cocktails from 4Fourteen.

♥ Iced Coffee Obsession

After drinking iced coffee daily in Vietnam I have been getting huge cravings for it here as the weather warms up. Unfortunately I can’t find the authentic Viet coffee with sweetened condensed milk too easily around where I work, so I have been settling for a “skim latte over ice”. Delicious and the perfect summer caffeine fix. Oh and the odd iced coffee with the works – ice cream and whipped cream, when I feel like a treat!

♥ My Birthday

And then it was my birthday and I decided to celebrate for a week because why not? Firstly I was taken to 4Fourteen for an absolutely amazing dinner featuring a ruben roll (pictured), roast pork, colcannon and the most amazing white chocolate sandwich with dulce de leche. I need to return.

A few nights later I was taken to Movida for my second birthday dinner. Here we have anchovies, goats curd + quince cigars, air baguette with “rost biff” and beef cheek in Pedro Ximenez.

And spicy pork ribs (best!!), salt cod fritters and grilled asparagus. A wonderful treat!

Then I had a birthday picnic Saturday morning with lots of lovely food bloggers! We went to Flour and Stone, bought out half the store, then headed to The Domain for a picnic. It was such a lovely way to spend the morning of my birthday with my new friends I made through this blog.

They stuck candles in the lamingtons and sang Happy Birthday to me, aw! (Life changing lamingtons, btw).

I had my second birthday party at The Norfolk and I wore a cat dress! I will not post any more photos from that night for fear of incrimination… I may have worn a watermelon on my head at one stage.

♥ Christmas

I had a nice time catching up with the family and actually loved the rainy stormy weather that Sydney encountered on Christmas Day. I baked ginger cupcakes, brownie cupcakes with strawberry santa hats and peanut butter M&M cookies plus I painted my nails coral and mint green to try and look “festive”.


I had a lovely dinner at Longrain for NYE with a great bunch of friends and got to wear my new sparkly dress. What a great way to finish a great year!

♥ A New Toy

Not much has happened in 2013 thus far as I got sick on the second day of the year and was bed ridden for a while. Hmmpf. But I did buy myself a new toy… the Olympus XZ-1! It’s been years since I have used a point and shoot camera, however this one has a lot of custom settings and the ability to set the focal point so I have high hopes for it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season and is settling back into the reality of work!

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  • Reply Christine @ Cooking Crusade January 9, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    So many delicious adventures! Love that pic of you from NYE in your sparkly dress – you look gorgeous! It must be so exciting to have a new cam as well. I must admit I’ve thought about getting a point and shoot too – love the DSLR but they’re so clunky to take everywhere!

    • Reply Swah January 10, 2013 at 10:10 am

      Thank you Christine! And I agree, I hate lugging my DSLR everywhere with me and it’s even more annoying travelling when I have 2+ lenses as well. I hope it’s a good substitute!

  • Reply Miss Piggy January 10, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Happy happy birthday! Can we PLEASE go to ORTO for brunch/lunch sometime soon…I’m dying to go there…and also dinner at Santa Barbara. Okay, thanks!

    • Reply Swah January 10, 2013 at 10:11 am

      Yes and yes! Let me know when you’re free and we’ll organise :)

  • Reply Tina @ bitemeshowme January 10, 2013 at 10:25 am

    And I’m very sure I have liked all of the above photos on instagram. Hehe. You’ve definitely been a busy lady but everything you have posted about has been exciting. Yay for the new toy (hmm this is sounding wrong in my head, haha). Despite how much we all love our DSLR’s I sometimes find it an inconvenience to carry when traveling.

    • Reply Swah January 11, 2013 at 10:10 am

      Haha I think you have indeed! It is such a pain when travelling to lug the DSLR around, looking forward to using a purse-sized camera :)

  • Reply Rachel January 12, 2013 at 12:48 am

    That one picture on instagram has pretty much convinced to get the Olympus for my trip! You’ll have to let me know how it goes shooting wise before I go.

    Also I am in LOVE with that cat dress! soooo cute

    • Reply Swah January 14, 2013 at 10:34 am

      I think the Olympus will be perfect for your trip! So easy to use and compact. I think the cat dress is my favourite, ever.

  • Reply Flick Your Food January 12, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Dec seemed to be an awesome month from your photos! Have you taken your new toy out for a test drive?

    • Reply Swah January 14, 2013 at 10:32 am

      It was indeed Flick! I have snapped a few test pics with the new toy but nothing serious yet. Think I will give it a proper go when at the Brasserie Bread course this weekend!

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