Mid Century Modern Home Design Trend

The postwar decades were the time when mid-century modern design captured an imagination of the whole generation, and produced a plethora of stunning applications. The fresh aesthetic arose from the technological boom, and changed the cultural preferences. The passage of time did not impact the status of this style much, which remains a staple in interior design. It has only been breathed a new life and is now perceived through bold, contemporary lenses.


A visual bliss

The mid-century design school is remarkably clean and sophisticated. It blends smooth shapes with attention-grabbing patterns. The forms are pared-down, the layout streamlined, yet natural materials and whimsical patterns spark much interest. The organic lifestyle and effortless living are reflected in structure and trappings, with elements like furnishings, walls and floor plans stippled down to basic forms, exposed in their fundamental beauty.

To elevate the level of inspiration and unleash your inner designer, take a look at some striking interiors pulled together by professionals. You might notice that the mid-century modern borrows from other major schools, but also has some distinctive characteristics. The first thing that draws the eye, however, is a beautiful white backdrop. Indeed, setting the stage with colours is the first step towards owning a mesmerising mid-century abode.

Namely, this choice will heavily influence furniture and décor selection. Basically, one cannot go wrong with combining natural tones with vivid accent colours. Try to adhere to the 60-30- 10 rule, meaning that you need one dominant base colour, some room for a secondary tone, and places reserved for splashes of accent colour. It is not a good idea to go overboard and pick more than 4 different colours.


Centre stage

Furthermore, outstanding furniture serves as a centrepiece in your rooms. You need pieces that hallmark clean, straight lines that are complimented by curved angles. As a general rule of thumb, they do not possess ornamentation or upholstery, as they echo the minimalist design philosophy. The wooden construction is a common sight in most mid-century homes, albeit fibreglass and metal are also worth considering as an option.


When it comes to decoration, typical mid-century patterns act as your lodestar. Asymmetric and abstract ones are designers’ darlings, and present a great way to give your living environment a makeover. To define the look, check out the champions of spellbinding aesthetics such as Marshmallow sofas, Womb chairs, and sculptural eggs. Use unfinished metal, rugged metal, and other rustic elements only if know what you are doing.


In new light

One aspect that must never be neglected is lighting, for it is crucial for infusing your home with the mid-century splendour. You may notice that this design embraces straight, geometric lines, but also round, curved fittings. Now, lighting can be bold, and assume a focal point role in the visual order of things. Think in terms of floor and table lamps with finished metal or wooden legs. Ceiling lamps often include exposed light bulbs on straight rods, although you should not hesitate to experiment in this department.


A prudent approach is to go room-by- room, whereas living room demands special attention. One of the best ways to summon the mid-century charm is to purchase a remarkable, comfy sofa. Then, proceed to decorate with deluxe wall art, unorthodox rugs, and pillows. You can also dedicate one wall to natural-motif wallpaper. Those who struggle to come up with a pleasing layout may align the style with the timeless principles of Feng Shui.


Also, mid-century designers endorse a longing to reconnect with the rejuvenating natural world. They strive to achieve the indoor-outdoor connection and allow seamless flow. So, make an effort to bring the outdoors in, and vice versa. Go for large windows, sliding doors, and patios injected with an interior-like level of comfort. If your budget and space allow it, go an extra mile, bring down a wall and install a giant plate-glass window as a portal to great outdoors.

The cutting-edge

It is time to familiarise yourself with the basic principles of mid-century design, but also to get your creative juices flowing. Set the right mood with natural tones, use furniture to anchor the space, illuminate it with statement lighting fittings, and deliver finishing touches with playful accents. Stick to the simple lines and pure form that enable the ease and joy of living. A mid-century style is a bridge between man-made and organic: One foot in the pristine natural landscape and the other in the brave new territory of the tech revolution.

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