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Creative Fridays: An Interview with Genna Alexopoulos from Super Duper


Genna is a super duper amazing PR gal (get it?!) who I got to know well after designing her new website. Since launching her own company, her career is going from strength to strength!


Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi there! I’m Genna and I’m a music/lifestyle publicist and own a little PR Agency, Super Duper.

What work are you most proud of to date?

Launching Lazy Oaf’s [London clothing label] first Australian Pop-Up store in Sydney last year was pretty awesome.. There was a lot of excitement building for them locally, so it was incredible to be the ones to deliver their PR strategy. And on a personal level too – their Australian Brand Manager is one of my best friends so it was a really great experience to work on a project of that magnitude with someone I love. A nice reminder of why I started working for myself. Also being approached to work with the Sydney Opera House on this year’s Vivid LIVE is just beyond words.


What was the turning point in your career?

Probably/definitely the day I left my first full-time job without having another lined up.

Who would you love to collaborate with one day?

The two bands I want to work with more than any other are Rancid and The Postal Service, both of whom may never step foot in Australia again (cry!). On a PR-nerd level, there are publicists from all over the world whose work I admire: Liz Matthews in the UK is amazing, I follow her on every outlet I can, and Shelby Meade from LA is probably one of the most badass publicists I’ve ever worked with (and probably ever will).There are a lot of strong, positive, savvy businesswomen and businessmen out there who work incredibly hard while balancing enriched personal lives, and they’re who I look up to the most.


What’s your number one tip for someone wanting to start their own business/blog?

Work hard and don’t be a dick.

Where can we find you online?
instagram: @superduper_pr


Thanks for your time Genna, and check out other Creative Fridays interviews here!

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