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Creative Fridays: An Interview with Iron Chef Shellie

Shellie is one of my favourite photographers and food stylists, and I was thrilled to finally meet her at an event earlier this year. A big thanks to Shellie for answering my questions and sharing some of her gorgeous images with us!

Christmas tastes better with Shellies Jellies

Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

Ahoy hoy! I’m Shellie and I’m an overachiever. I don’t put that on my business card though! I’m a photographer, food stylist, blogger, dreamer and doughnut enthusiast. I’ve been a food blogger for nearly eight years, which has brought out an unknown talent for styling food and photographing it. At the end of last year I quit my nine to five job as a graphic designer, to follow my passion into the realm of food porn.

What work are you most proud of to date?

That’s hard to say, I always try to do better than the last job I did. So I’d probably have to say the last job I did! It was a Christmas shoot for a new client. I spent a little extra time styling that normal, but the results speak for themselves. It’s much easier when I don’t have creative constraints, and I’m allowed to do what I do best. Apart from that, it was a chocolate cake I made in between one of those weeks when I’m shooting 32 recipes in a week. I baked the cake one night, then after all my work was done, dressed the cake, styled it and shot it. This involved venturing down the driveway at night in the rain to source flowers from the garden to make the scene pretty.

Matcha Cupcake

What was the turning point in your career?

When I started to take my styling and photography more seriously, that’s when people started to notice me. Last year I would work all week, whilst plotting my weekend kitchen escapades. Then when the weekend would hit, I’d wake up super early, spend all day in the kitchen and make as many dishes as I could shoot whilst the sun was still up. I’d go into work on Monday like a zombie, but my instagram feed and blog showed what I really wanted to do with my life. The more people started to notice this, that’s when my new career started.

Who would you like to collaborate with one day?

Linda Lomelino! A food stylist and photographer from Sweden. I adore her sense of style and creativity. I have some of her books, and bought one in Sweden earlier this year, in Swedish purely for the pretty pictures. She is just the nicest person as well, chatting to me about the local treat smela when I was over there :)


What’s your number one tip for someone wanting to start their own business/blog?

Stay true to who you are. Don’t accept something that is free if it not something you believe in. Sometime “freebies” are more work than you think, and if it’s not worth your time, or does not reflect who you are, you may be doing more damage than good.

Where can we find you online?

You can stalk me on my instagram mainly, or twitter or facebook. When I get the time, I even share recipes, travel experience and photo journals on my website:

Chocolate Chestnut Cake 3865

Thanks for your time Shellie, and check out other Creative Fridays interviews here!

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